Is it rare that anyone would come across a musician with a creative force like “Brapurple”? The mention of his stage name amongst the youth evokes a storied musical that a few could weave so well over the years, with sounds so vivid that no one genre is worthy of containing. Born on 3rd February, 1997 to parents Fred Wilberforce and Susan Appiah – Otoo. Raised in the Western Region of Ghana, Takoradi. He had his Montessori education at Woodbridge International School & furthered his high school education at one of the oldest single sex schools in Ghana, St. Augustine’s College up till 2014. He later took up a course at Methodist University College in Dansoman, a suburb of Accra – Ghana. His interest and love for music grew from a tender age with inspirations from local musicians.
His first inspiration came from his grandfather who used to sing Methodist hymns and Brapurple got addicted to. Eventually, he became engulfed with Hip Hop and everything about it. Although most Ghanaians critized that type of genre, he saw it as a culture and a lifestyle. Hip Hop is not really embraced in this side of the world, but the likes a few, they are working their way to the top with hip hop. Brapurple was once a dancer from high school, with dreams of being a musician one day. Not long after he had finished his high school education, his first single “Zulu” was released in August 2015 and it made quite a good number of airplays. In 2015, he joined Dopester Music with sensational soul singer Hitz Magik. And Dopester was nominated for Best Music Group by Ghana Teens Choice Awards.
Brapurple has been working as an autonomous professional musician for 2 years and he has dropped 3 tunes already. His social life is really conceited and precise as he keeps a closed circle of friends. His musical purpose is to do everything possible to put his birth town,Takoradi situated in the Western Region of Ghana, on the map. As the short – term goal of Brapurple, he has aspirations of breaking out of the boarders of his country Ghana to the world at large with his music and to be on an International stage. As part of his long – term goal, he hopes to receive countless awards and to leave a positive mark with his type of music in the hearts of anyone that comes across his music.



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